Full Time (Requires a Visa) $599 a month

Part-Time (B1/B2 Visa or Visa Waiver) $559 a month

Application Processing: Full Time $100 Part Time $60 (this fee is non-refundable)

DHL Documents Shipping (Full Time Only) $85 (this fee is non-refundable)

For Full-Time Students Financial Ability To Pay Examples

The United States Student Exchange and Visitors Program requires that you demonstrate that you have adequate funds to cover school and living expenses while studying English as a full-time student at Internexus Los Angeles. The estimates below include school and living expenses, but do not include cost of travel to the United States, visa application fees, or health insurance costs.

Insurance: Please note, these costs do not include the cost of health insurance.

You are required to have health insurance to enroll at Internexus Los Angeles.
Important Information about health care in the United States: There is no national or free public medical assistance. Unlike in countries such as Brazil, France and Italy, where you – and even your international friends that come to visit – may have had free access to medical care, in the U.S. access to low-cost or public health care is very limited. Generally, international students are not eligible for most programs.  What that means is if you eventually become ill and need medical assistance, IT WILL BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY FOR ANY NEEDED MEDICAL CARE.

Medical care in the United States can be extremely expensive. International students who need medical care without health insurance could be left with thousands of dollars of debt and it could  take many years-sometimes for the rest of their lives-in order to pay back the medical provider (doctor or hospital). Medical care expenses can jeopardize your financial status and your ability to maintain full-time student status in good standing (as defined by DHS regulations). From: *