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We are proud to announce that we are now approved by SEVP to enroll non-immigrant students.

There are several types of essays, but in this case we mean the format of the academic paper. It is a work that can be called a smaller, simpler version of a term paper. Therefore, the academic abstract is designed in general the same way as term papers and diplomas. In many universities 250 word essay on why i deserve a scholarship and especially in schools to the design of essays are less strict, allowing small deviations from the strict standard GOST. Some faculties have their own rules concerning the design of papers, especially title pages (so, in addition to studying the general rules described below, it is recommended to take the methodology from the department; sometimes special requirements are invented by teachers in order to check whether you have read this methodology or not).

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Approved for F1 Students
Student Exchange and Visitor Program Approved

We’re offering up to 60% off for new and transferring students!

Fulltime Tuition normally $995 a month is now only $400!

Halftime Tuition normally $895 a month is now only $350!

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